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 Sherman Library  F1219 .O94 2012    AVAILABLE  
Title The Oxford handbook of Mesoamerican archaeology / edited by Deborah L. Nichols and Christopher A. Pool.
OCLC 761538187
ISBN 9780195390933
Publisher Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, [2012]
Description xv, 979 pages : illustrations, maps ; 26 cm.
LC Subject heading/s Archaeology -- Mexico.
Archaeology -- Central America.
Indians of Mexico -- Antiquities.
Indians of Central America -- Antiquities.
Excavations (Archaeology) -- Mexico.
Excavations (Archaeology) -- Central America.
Mexico -- Antiquities.
Central America -- Antiquities.
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index.
Contents Mesoamerican archaeology: recent trends / Deborah L. Nichols, Christopher A. Pool -- A short history of theory in Mesoamerican archaeology / Manuel Gándara -- Mexico's national archaeology programs / Nelly M. Robles García -- Archaeology in Guatemala: nationalist, colonialist, imperialist / Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos -- The archaeology of Belize in the twenty-first century / Jaime J. Awe -- Archaeology on Mesoamerica's southern frontier / Geoffrey McCafferty, Fabio Esteban Amador, Silvia Salgado Gonzalez, Carrie Dennett -- Archaeology and indigenous peoples / Shoshaunna Parks, Patricia A. McAnany -- Time and space boundaries: chronologies and regions in Mesoamerica / Susan Toby Evans -- Ice age hunter-gatherers and the colonization of Mesoamerica / Guillermo Acosta Ochoa -- Archaic-period foragers and farmers in Mesoamerica / Douglas J. Kennett -- The origins of food production in Mesoamerica / Dolores R. Piperno, Bruce D. Smith -- The formation of complex societies in Mesoamerica / Christopher A. Pool -- Not carved in stone: building the Gulf Olmec from the bottom up / Philip J. Arnold III -- The development of complex societies in formative-period Pacific Guatemala and Chiapas / Michael Love -- Ideology, polity, and social history of the Teotihuacan state / Saburo Sugiyama -- Cultural evolution in the southern highlands of Mexico: from the emergence of social inequality and urban society to the decline of classic-period states / Christina Elson -- Archaeology of the Maya highlands / Bárbara Arroyo -- Complex societies in the southern Maya lowlands: their development and florescence in the archaeological record / Arlen F. Chase, Diane Z. Chase -- The rise of formative-period complex societies in the northern Maya lowlands / Travis W. Stanton -- Interaction among the complex societies of classic-period Mesoamerica / Sergio Gómez Chávez, Michael W. Spence -- Concepts of collapse and regeneration in human history / George L. Cowgill -- Teotihuacan and the epiclassic in central Mexico / Jeffrey R. Parsons, Yoko Sugiura Y. -- The classic Maya collapse / David Webster -- Searching for Tollan: authority and urbanism in Oaxaca after Monte Albán / Jeffrey P. Blomster -- Developmental cycles in the gulf lowlands / Annick Daneels -- Tula and the Toltecs / Dan M. Healan, Robert H. Cobean -- The late classic to postclassic transition among the Maya of northern Yucatán / William M. Ringle, George J. Bey III -- The archaeology of the last postclassic Maya highlands / Greg Borgstede, Eubenia Robinson -- The southern Pacific coastal region of Mesoamerica: a corridor of interaction from Olmec to Aztec times / Robert M. Rosenswig -- The Tarascan empire: postclassic social complexity in western Mexico / Helen Perlstein Pollard -- The Aztec empire / Michael E. Smith, Maëlle Sergheraert -- The conquest of Mexico / Michel R. Oudijk -- Networks, cores, and peripheries: new frontiers in interaction studies / Edward Schortman, Patricia Urban -- The southeastern fringe of Mesoamerica / John S. Henderson, Kathryn M. Hudson -- Current views on power, economics, and subsistence in ancient western Mexico / Christopher S. Beekman -- Mesoamerica and the southwest/northwest / Randall McGuire -- Aztec boundary interactions / Michael A. Ohnersorgen, Marcie L. Venter -- Agricultural land use and intensification / Vernon L. Scarborough -- Searching out prehispanic landscapes in Mesoamerica by means of aerial reconnaissance / Alfred H. Siemens -- Ecological approaches to archaeological research in central Mexico: new directions / Emily McClung de Tapia -- Sources and sourcing / Ronald L. Bishop -- Crafting and manufacturing in Mesoamerica: critical engagements with theory and method / E. Christian Wells -- The domestication of stone in Mesoamerica / John Clark -- Ceramic technology and production / Prudence M. Rice -- Mesoamerican metallurgical technology and production / Blanca Maldonado -- As the whorl turns: function and meaning in Mesoamerican textile production / Geoffrey McCafferty, Sharisse McCafferty -- Markets, merchants, and systems of exchange / Kenneth Hirth -- Central Mexican states and imperial tribute systems / Frances F. Berdan -- Archaeology of gender in Mesoamerican societies / Rosemary A. Joyce -- Class and ethnicity in ancient Mesoamerica / Elizabeth M. Brumfiel, Cynthia Robin -- Households in ancient Mesoamerica: domestic social organization, status, economies, and rituals / David M. Carballo -- Communities in ancient Mesoamerica / Marcello A. Canuto, Jason Yaeger -- Cities and urbanism in prehispanic Mesoamerica / Richard E. Blanton -- Mesoamerican states and empires / Gary M. Feinman -- Creation and cosmology: gods and mythic origins in ancient Mesoamerica / Karl A. Taube -- Sacred places and sacred landscapes / Kathryn Reese-Taylor -- Mesoamerican religious beliefs: the practices and practitioners / F. Kent Reilly III -- The living and the dead / James L. Fitzsimmons -- Mesoamerican calendars and archaeoastronomy / Anthony F. Aveni -- Themes in the art of the preclassic period / Mary E. Pye -- Art of the classic period / Rex Koontz -- Art in the Aztec empire / Emily Umberger -- Early Mesoamerican writing systems / John Justeson -- Maya writing / Nikolai Grube -- Scribal traditions from highland Mesoamerica (300-1000 AD) / Javier Urcid -- Nahua and Mixtec pictorial books: religion and history through visual text / Lori Boornazian Diel -- Colonial documents / Eduardo de Jesús Douglas -- The Spanish conquest and the archaeology of the colonial and republican periods / John M.D. Pohl -- Population decline during and after conquest / Rebecca Storey -- Historical archaeology in central and western Mesoamerica / Patricia Fournier G., Thomas H. Charlton -- Landscape change in the Maya region, 1450-1910 AD / Rani T. Alexander.
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